Thursday, June 12, 2008

[Internet] Opera Wins.

Firefox 3 vs. Opera 9.5? As much as I hate to say this;

Opera WINS. Big time.

This isn't a formal comparison - but let's just consider these things;

* Cold Start Load Time Winner: Opera (by FAR)

* Warm Start Load Time Winner: Opera

* Standards Compliancy Winner: Opera

* Features Winner: Tie!!! Opera lacks features like the cool find and good spellcheck, but firefox is a real resource hog about it.

* Most Likely to be Supported Winner: Firefox (Though YOU can help change that.)

* Cooler Name Winner: Firefox (No contest. Opera is a pretty dumb name, no offense.)

* General Cool Factor Winner: Firefox (Now if Opera goes Open Source and gets a decent ad campaign...)

* Raw Speed Winner: Opera

* CSS/Javascript Speed Winner: Opera (by FAR)

* Page Load Time Winner: Opera

* Innovation/Integration Winner: Opera (it integrates very well with Linux with full static qt and gtk supported binaries - and it has it's own mail and chat and other cool stuff).


Sanat said...

Dude, Opera sucks at images and like every website has images. Opera sucks.

vsk said...

Wow. That was incredibly eloquent.

Have you even tried the latest Opera? It loads pages and images a lot faster than Firefox and it doesn't randomly crash...

OK - even IF opera goofs on SOME of the sites you like, it doesn't make it a bad browser... Failure rates are really a lot higher on Firefox...

Sanat said...

Well it doesnt on my computer. Its not bad but your way to baised about it. Have you tried it. Its pretty slow with images. Firefox is good. Opera is good but not as good as firefox.

vsk said...

Have I tried it? Would I be able to post a screenshot of it if I hadn't??

I'm talking about the FINAL 9.5 release sanat, not kestrel.

I know kestrel had a ton of issues, but opera is completely functional now.

I'm not saying that Firefox is bad, if anything, I'm biased against Opera. I don't like that it's closed source, or that it doesn't have many decent add-ons.

But if you look at terms of speed, functionality, and robustness, anyone can see that Opera is clearly the better browser.


Sanat said...

im talkin about 9.5 too. Its image loading is REALLY slow, and every( ALMOST EVERY) flippin' website has images. Other than images its the shit, but images just took it down.

vsk said...

Can you clarify? I'm aware that the vast majority of websites use images, but what do you mean that it "sucks at images"?

I have no idea what you're talking about...

Sanat said...

God you son of a bitch [well ur mom and dad r cool but u know what i mean(DONT ACT LIKE BEN PAUL)].I mean its really slow at loading images